I have provided this website as a convenience to all those who are seeking a download of SiegeXtreme I may provide further uses in the future such as a SiegeXtreme How to and a guide to guide all the new players of SiegeXtreme in the meantime it shall serve as a place to download SiegeXtreme

SiegeXtreme 2 SiegeXtreme 2 Lite
This is the first release of version 2 with no limitations or restrictions of any kind

A modification of version 2 with many new restrictions placed.
+ Instagib is now refillable
- ASMD Pulse rifle is no longer refillable - max ammo count 600
- Hyperleecher is no longer refillable - max ammo count 600
- You can no longer have both suits at once
- The Super Container has been made considerably weaker
- You can no longer possess a metal / rubber suit and a super / jetpack at once

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